The official national report health care fraud day is August 7. (Of course, you can, and should, report health care fraud any day of the year.)

Health care fraud affects us all. Ten percent of all health care spending is lost due to fraud. Because U.S. health care spending exceeds $3 trillion a year (which is about $10,000 per person) that means $300 billion is lost annually to fraud. It’s no wonder why we have a national health care crisis! In fact, the Medicare program itself loses $65 billion a year due to Medicare fraud.


How to report health care fraud

The proper way of reporting health care fraud depends on who the fraud was committed against. If the fraud was against Medicare or Medicaid, you have two ways to report it — one to the Department of Justice (DOJ) for a significant monetary reward and the other directly to the agency, which can be done anonymously.

If the fraud was against a private health care insurance company, you report it in an entirely different manner, usually to the company itself or the FBI. There are no rewards for reporting this type of health care fraud, but it is still important to stop all health care fraud.

This official national report health care fraud day website provides you with tools to report health care fraud, either to DOJ for a reward for reporting Medicare fraud or reporting private health care insurance fraud. See the links below.