How to ask Mr. Hesch to file your DOJ Medicare fraud reward application

Do you have first-hand knowledge of Medicare fraud? Mr. Hesch and his team of attorneys would be pleased to review your information in complete confidence and help you determine if you have the right kind of information to receive a significant DOJ reward and file your Medicare whistleblower reward application.

Three Requirements

Please note that The Hesch Firm, LLC does not handle whistleblower cases against private health care insurance companies. We exclusively represents whistleblowers file for rewards for reporting fraud against a government program, such as Medicare or Medicaid.

In addition, the Hesch Firm does not accept cases where the amount of Medicare fraud is under $5 million.

Finally, we do not take cases from whistleblowers that did not work for the entity committing the Medicare fraud.


How to Contact Mr. Hesch

If you worked for the company committing Medicare fraud and the amount of overbilling to the government was $5 million, please fill out a brief form below. However, please do not include the name of the company engaged in Medicare fraud.


  • This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.


The Hesch Firm will review intake forms for Medicare fraud and send you an initial email either asking for more information, arranging for a telephone interview, or explaining that it is not the type of Medicare fraud case he can represent you.

We will treat your information confidential. The law treats your communication with our firm as protected and privileged while seeking to obtain representation. We will not use your information for any other purposes than determining if we can represent you even if you decide not to hire us or file for a Medicare fraud reward.

The reason we need this information upfront is to initially gauge the nature, size and strength of your Medicare fraud case. This information will facilitate any future discussion you have with our law firm. After we review your form, we will contact you. The first contact will be by email, so be sure to use an email address that you will check and it is private. [Do not use an email associated with your employer.]

If the fraud was against a private health care insurance company, see our link Report private ins. fraud

If you are not interested in a reward for reporting Medicare fraud, you can contact CMS directly. (See this link to find out more).

Disclaimer: Although we will treat the information as confidential, the transmission of any information is not intended to create, and receipt does not constitute, an attorney client relationship. Even if you submit information to The Hesch Firm, that does not make us your lawyer. Instead, we will use your information to investigate the matter and determine whether we can and will represent you in bringing your whistleblower case. Only once we both sign a written agreement will we actually become your lawyer and advocate. A fraud case can take a number of years from start to finish and it can be expensive for a lawyer to take a case. Therefore, we conduct a thorough analysis of cases and we do not accept every case. It may take time to evaluate your answers to our questionnaire, and we may be busy on other matters at the time you send your information. If our time constraints do not fit your needs, you may wish to discuss your matter with another attorney. Past amount do not guarantee future rewards.